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The location favourably sheltered from the wind and the mild winters allow for climbing in the period from September to June, whereas in the summer it might be a better idea to climb in our beautiful high mountains, as it can get quite hot in the walls facing the south. The rocky walls beneath the Karst Edge offer numerous climbing routes of different difficulty levels on both sides of the border.

Mišja peč

Our backyard is the perfect spot to admire its overhanging wall, which appears in its most beautiful form at sunset when it glows in many different shades of orange. This is the spot where one would mostly find demanding routes: “Za staro kolo in majhnega psa” (8c+), which translates to “For an old bike and a small dog”, was long considered as one of the most difficult routes in the world. The access to the wall is easy and comfortable. After passing our house, follow the road uphill towards the right for about 50 m and turn left at the crossroads: the asphalt road will soon come to an end and, from here, a comfortable macadam road will take you through the olive groves, and after a pleasant 10-minute walk you will reach the point where the path branches off towards
the climbing area.


To reach the climbing area in the magnificent wall behind the populated area of the village, we recommend walking, as Osp is located in the immediate vicinity of Gabrovica. By doing so, you will avoid potential parking problems. You can also take the main road to get there, going from Gabrovica towards Osp and continuing to Italy. As an alternative, you can choose to take the more scenic and faster way, which leads you to Osp through Mišja Peč. It takes about 15 minutes of easy walk to get to Osp.

Črni Kal

The climbing area, where you can also find undemanding and short routes, is located in the walls of the Karst Edge above the village. It is suitable for families with children. Access: by car along the regional road past Črni Kal to the exit for Podgorje, then right to the exit for Črnotiče and along the macadam road to the parking lot above the quarry (approximately 8 km), or through the centre of upper Črni Kal and up the macadam road to the Karst Edge (approximately 4 km).


Glinščica - Val Rosandra

This is the historic climbing spot for the climbers of Trieste, while the deeply carved valley with its numerous stream pools attracts many other hikers as well. Access: via Osp in the direction of Italy through Aquilinia (Žavlje) to Bagnoli della Rosandra (Boljunec). We recommend parking in front of the France Prešeren Theatre when entering Bagnoli della Rosandra. Located at the end of the asphalt road leading to the valley, there is the Premuda Hut, which is considered to be the lowest-lying alpine post in Italy. There are several climbing sectors in the valley, among which also the ferrata of Rose d’Inverno, which deserves to be mentioned as it provides the perfect spot also for amateur climbers, provided they are equipped with suitable protective equipment for ferrata.  Bagnoli della Rosandra is 11 km away.