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The surroundings offer numerous possibilities for various sports activities, including organized ones. It is worth mentioning the annual Istria Running Marathon, the Istria Cycling Marathon, and the Barcolana sailing regatta.
Besides the world-famous Škocjan Caves (24 km from Gabrovica) and the Postojna Cave (49 km from Gabrovica), you can also choose to visit some other caves which are occasionally open to visitors for guided tours and can be accessed without any additional caving equipment. These are the Sveta Jama (Sacred Cave) in Socerb, the Dimnice Cave close to the village of Markovščina, Vilenica, the Križna Jama with its waterways which can be explored with rubber dinghies, and the Grotta Gigante (the Giant Cave) on the Italian side of the Karst. As a result of the karst terrain, there are many more caves in the surrounding area than what is described here, but they can only be accessed by cavers with suitable equipment. We also recommend visiting Rakov Škocjan (62 km from Gabrovica) with its natural bridges and other typical karst phenomena.