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The House

The Barut House is situated in the old part of Gabrovica, a settlement near Črni Kal in the northernmost part of the Slovenian Istria. We wanted to give a new function to our old farmhouse, which has belonged to our family for generations, all the while preserving its homeliness and original form. The house, which is intended to be used exclusively by our guests, features two apartments, each with its own entrance. Both have a living area with a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground floor, and two rooms on the first floor. Each of the apartments can host up to five guests and everyone will be able to get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, whereas for the little ones, you have at your disposal a children’s bed as well. The guests of our apartments are welcome to use the terrace and the yard, both facing south with a view of the Osp Valley, as well as the private parking lot.
As we ourselves like to travel, cycle, hike and discover the particularities of different places we visit, our wish was to create a holiday homestead that would offer everyone a welcoming environment. Being aware of the needs of active tourists and focusing on ecologically sustainable development at the same time, the fundamental challenge was to offer our guests all the necessary comfort with a minimal impact on the environment.
The Barut House is located in close proximity to the world-famous climbing spot in Osp that attracts visitors mostly from autumn to spring, which is why we had our apartments equipped with fully automatic central heating to make sure our guests could spend the long winter nights in the safe comfort of our farmhouse completely care-free. In the winter months, the guests can choose to heat the large apartment solely with the wood-burning stove, which helps enhance the pleasant feeling of homeliness.
It goes without saying that Wi-Fi is also available for our guests, and can be used free of charge. Cyclists are welcome to store their bikes in our separate storage room, whereas those who are planning to stay for a longer time have the option to use the washing machine. There are no stores in Gabrovica itself, yet large shopping malls can be reached in a 10-minute drive in the direction of Koper or Trieste.